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Opportunities & challenges in the automotive space

The voice of Scott Lyons, Connected Vehicle Platform & Products Organisation, Ford Motor Company. Speaker at Innovauto 2019

Which are the opportunities from the established partnerships for the quick win goals and which are the challenges with the new startups that are entering the market?

There are numerous opportunities in the automotive space but naturally there are challenges when considering working with an OEM (or with a Start-up).  However, ultimately the innovation and ideas coming from today’s start-ups are exciting and often what consumers want to have access to.  Whether it be new music services delivered directly into the vehicle, mapping from companies like Waze or Sygic or even to a further extent fleet related services.  Quick wins are not often possible in the industry but there are certain routes to market that can quickly get services out into the field and in consumers vehicles.  At Ford we are focused on our smartphone linking solution SDL (smartdevicelink) and work with other OEM partners like Toyota and PSA to help bring new apps from today’s hottest start-ups to market quickly using this.

How will the 5G accelerate the evolution of connected cars?

Faster connectivity is always a desired feature (just think about your computer or Wifi at home) so having this available in vehicle to power new experiences is a must have.  However, consumers first need to understand what features their vehicles offer which is often the hard part as we humans are somewhat set in our ways.  This can be achieved by really showing the value  of these experiences in order to enhance a drive, make lives a bit easier and overall deliver that “aha” moment.  Ultimately, this will not be easy to achieve but it is certainly something that is possible based on the experiences and foundation we are building today with both technology and partnerships.

Interview to Scott Lyons Connected Vehicle Platform & Products Organisation, Ford Motor Company, Speaker at InnovAuto 2019

Scott Lyons

Connected Vehicle Platform & Products Organisation
Ford Motor Company